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  • TV Series You Can Watch After Game of Thrones

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    Game of Thrones has reached its final episode, and it has divided the fans into two groups: those who love it, and those who hate it. The show has managed to create a polarized audience, which is a success on its own. However, if you still feel the longing for a sophisticated yet rewarding plot, check this list of The Best TV Shows of 2019 that you must watch after Game of Thrones!


    Knightfall tells the story of a talented young templar named Landry. He once managed to achieve the title Grandmaster but then was deposed for his love affair with the queen of France. Since then, he has become the enemy of the country and the king.

    Betrayals, brotherhood bonds, political intrigues, forbidden love, and surprise plot twists in this show are equal to the ones in Game of Thrones. You can expect a high degree of realism in the story. And this series surely deserves to be on your watching list this year!

    The Last Kingdom

    viking's helmetsIf Knightfall has the atmosphere of King’s Landing, then the Last Kingdom is like the northern part of Westeros. You’ll find the actors wearing fur capes, handling big axes and swords, and shedding blood on the snowy land. These all sound familiar, don’t they?

    However, instead of being purely fictional, the Last Kingdom will bring you to the era of the Viking invasion on Britain. Uhtred is a Saxon blood raised by the infamous Danish Earl, Ragnar. And although Uthred was not a Viking by birth, he was loved by Ragnar and grew accustomed to their way of life. And that good story only lasts for a while until Ragnar was murdered by his enemies, and they put the blame on Uhtred.

    Black Sails

    a vintage shipIf you want to build more fictional landscape on how the Iron Fleet operates, you can use a pirate-themed series for that purpose, and Black Sails will be your most excellent choice. There will be no mythical beings in this show, but its in-depth and intriguing story can give you a realistic picture of how the golden age of piracy once was.

    You’ll witness how the ship crews had to maintain their sanity while facing the threats of other pirates, government’s fleets, and sharks! Everything plays out at their highest stakes. And just like what happens in George R.R. Martin’s work, people die quite easily and in unpredictable ways.

    Moreover, the costumes, casts, and sceneries in the show all feel so realistic and aesthetic at the same time. Following Black Sails’ episodes is like getting dragged into the world of pirates with your hands tied on your back. You have no option but to continue watching!…