Tips for Preparing for Live Performances

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Preparing for your live performance is the best way of facing the crowd. You should learn how to deal with pre-show jitters and the food to eat or avoid before heading to the stage. There are many points that you need to know before getting ready for your show. You can also learn how to prepare for your performance by talking to professional singers. Outlined here below are the helpful tips that can help you in getting ready and fired for the next gig:


Warming Up

Singers are advised to do about fifteen minutes for warm vocal exercises. An excellent warm-up program is helpful in preventing uneven damage or unwanted strain to the vocal chords. It is also useful in improving the musician’s performance on stage. An active warm-up should put your voice through its regular paces. It can also help you in loosening up and feeling more confident when performing.

warming up-exercise

Some of the recommended warm-up exercises include pushups and jumping jacks. These exercises are helpful in improving blood flow. Waking up early is another excellent way of warming up your voice naturally, especially when you have daytime shows like press appearances or festivals.

Pre-Show Routines

Some performers have specific routine programs that they go through before performing on stage. This can be something superstitious such as wearing lucky underwear. It can also include something which is more practical like refraining from specific activities which could strain your vocal chords. Other avoids certain foods. Experts stress the importance of sleeping well before attending a show and drinking an adequate amount of water. A nice stretch is another routine that you can do. These activities are helpful in loosening up the musician’s vocal chords and preparing his/her body.

Dealing With Mistakes

correcting past mistakes

Mistakes can happen when performing. This is an issue that affects even the seasoned performers. Some artists have experienced problems such as malfunctioning of backups or even forgetting some words. There is absolutely nothing that you can do when such a thing happen. Panicking up and giving up is considered to be unprofessional. The audience is always ready to help people who power through like pros. They will support and respect you if you stay confident and keep singing.

Dealing With Stage Frights

Light nerves are very common when artists are performing on the stage. There are many proven ways of dealing with jitters. For instance, you can take some shots of whiskey before grabbing the microphone. Ideally, you should try as much as possible to boost mantra. Being confident is helpful in overcoming stage fright.